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Testimonials and Your Coach

What People Say About Coaching and the Coach:

*"Inspiring, Inspirational, and Intelligent...Sandra lights up a room, touches your soul, and changes your life."* 

"I would have to say Coach Sandra was amazing and right on target in providing what I needed from her  - on the specific coaching process that I needed. Not only did she help me to manage my time better but she also gave me a sense of urgency on completing my immediate and life goals. I can not thank Coach Sandra enough and I would highly recommend her to anybody. Her coaching is outstanding." 

*"She (Sandra) engages all opportunities and potential obstacles with patient passion; enthusiastic empowerment; and, humorous humility.  Sandra is an emotionally intelligent and attentive listener who infuses any discourse with an authentic commitment to shared growth through the interchange of ideas, while never becoming intimidated by diversified perspectives."*  

*"Gifted with the spirit of discernment, Dr. Sandra displayed the ability to key in on the true issues and concerns. Her positive attitude and assurance gave me the confidence to overcome fears such as saying, "No," realizing and accepting that I must not spread myself too thin, and focusing on dreams that had been deferred.  Her logical step by step approach to establishing goals and objectives provided clarity on what had seemed to be insurmountable."*

*"I have found her (Sandra's) professional manner and organizational acumen to be highly advanced; she has proven to be a stalwart individual possessed of personal integrity and endorsed by a reverential ethical posture.  Without equivocation, she is extremely articulate and demonstrates proven competence and unparalleled ability.  These traits, coupled with her unparalleled professional competence generates immediate confidence in others."*

*"Coach Sandra "S P" is amazing. She has a special way of keeping you on task using a firm hand and a gentle voice. I call it accountability with TLC."*

Coaching works! It is a service commitment of the highest level to help you become your best. Throughout our coaching you will develop the following:

A rapport and relationship with your coach
An awareness of who you are through self-discovery
A personal mission statement
A circle of personal perspective
An ability to set, pursue and achieve goals
A state of personal power
A desire to embrace your life and grow exponentially in many areas.

"Change is inevitable, growth is intentional."  - Glenda Cloud

There is no time like the present to seek our services. You will be treated with integrity and respect. You will also be able to chart your progress throughout our sessions. To really benefit from our services, most clients are able to realize immediate changes in the way they view themselves and their self-worth. We are looking forward to helping you intentionally and inevitably grow.

Consider your Personal DNA - Commit to working and living your best life now!

What I Can Do!

I watch my thoughts, for they become my words.

I watch my words, for they become my actions.   

I watch my actions, for they become my habits.   

I watch my habits, for they become my character.                                                                

I watch my character, for it becomes my destiny.I watch as well as pray daily for God’s will to be done throughout my life.                                         

I am on an assignment to do the greatest good -allowing civility and respect for myself and others to be the perfect foundation for bringing my thoughts, words, actions, habits, character and destiny in alignment with my true purpose and ignite my passion for excellence.

Dr. Sandra Sessoms-Penny

Founder and Principal

Coach Sandra "S-P" is a certified professional coach (CPC), management consultant and educational consultant. She is a highly motivated and engaging professional. Having experienced the ins and outs of the business world from the military, private sector, public school and higher education organizations, she has witnessed first-hand what and how success looks and how to help others achieve success. She knows how to get people to see the best in themselves, their situations and in their organizations. She has a servant's heart. She has literally supported and led thousands. She views coaching as a higher level of personal commitment and accomplishment.

She is a lifelong learner and avid researcher. Sandra is a graduate of The George Washington University; Old Dominion University; Troy State University, Montgomery and Saint Leo University.  She has amassed over 30 years of experience and training in leadership, management, goal setting, strategic planning, crisis management, conflict resolution, time management, interviewing, instructional leadership, peer and personal relationships, organizational and personal development, investigations, human resources management, mentoring and Socratic Questioning through military and public and private educational channels.

She is a post graduate licensed educator and school administrator and has worked in multiples levels of the academic environment to include elementary, middle and high school and collegiate settings.  She actively serves as a university associate faculty member.

Sandra has extensive training through Christian education and is an ordained minister and officiant.

She is an accomplished motivational/inspirational speaker and workshop/seminar presenter and trainer.

Sandra is a military veteran and retired member of the United States Air Force. She serves as a Troops-to-Teachers Mentor.

Memberships have included: 

International Association of Coaching (IAC)

Veteran Owned Business

SWaM Owned Business

Business Network International (BNI)

Chambers of Commerce 

Peninsula Women's Network  

Trusted Compass Christian Business Networking Group of Hampton Roads

Cambridge Who's Who in Business

John Maxwell Team Member

Optimist International 

Additional Coaching Certifications and Training include:

John Maxwell Team

Fowler Wainwright International Coaching

Compass Coaching

You may contact Coach Sandra about your coaching and business needs directly at

Motivational Speaking Events & Published Articles - Include:

Bryant and Stratton College

Everest College

The Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce 

The Outstanding Women's Exchange

Old Dominion University - Say "Yes to College" Symposium

Mary Kay

The Natasha House

Churches - Local, State and National

Department of Defense 

   - Troops to Teachers Program

   -  Military Marriage Seminars

Peninsula Women's Magazine

The Peninsula Women's Network

S.A.L.I.S.I. Women's Forum

Retreats & Empowerment Events

Church Women United

The Peninsula Task Force on Aging

The Future Billionaire's Club