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 The I-GROW Coaching Academy

I-GROW Coaching Academy- Certification Process

 *Twenty Hour Course:

       **16 hour instructional and discussion sessions (either in 2.0 or 4.0 hour sessions)

       **  4 hour practicum and research outside of class

 *Professional Life Coach Certification Course facilitated by Doctor of Educational Administration and Policy Studies, Experienced Certified Professional Coach, Licensed Educator and Mentor.

 *I-GROW Coaching Course – Provided on site or by webinar (Zoom).

       ** Individually (1-2-1) or with small group

 *I-GROW Coaching Certifications: Life Coaching  

 *I-GROW Coach Training Manual, Handouts and Tools  

 *I-GROW Professional Life Coaching Practicum:

       **1(one) - Recorded 30 minute peer coaching   

       **1(one) - Recorded 45 minute Life Coaching Session

       **Out of Class Research and Assignments

       **End of Course Exam – Open book    

 *I-GROW Certificate of Completion - "Professional Life Coach Certification"

 *I-GROW Complimentary Monthly Group Mastermind Coaching Session via Zoom

 *I-GROW 1 Year Coach Mentoring (quarterly - Total of 4 each 1 hour sessions)

 *I-GROW Coaching Certification is affordable, convenient, highly engaging, personal,  

   reflective and timely.

I-GROW Coaching Academy Certified Professional Life Coach Course Overview

20 Hours Course Curriculum

Measurable Learning Outcomes

This course seeks to provide coaches with the skills needed to meet the basic foundations of life coaching practices. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

1. Understand and analyze the practice of life coaching from a practitioner’s  perspective

2. Evaluate the practice of professional life coaching

3. Comprehend and describe the differences between professional coaching, counseling, therapy and mentoring

4. Discuss ethical guidelines and practices in life coaching

5. Implement and apply the information and concepts presented during the course to offer life coaching services   

            Module I. Foundations of Successful Life Coaching (6 hours)

  • Introduction to Life Coaching – the Basics and Foundation
  • Course Objectives
  • Differentiating between Coaching, Counseling, Mentoring, Therapy
  • How Effective Coaching Provides Sustainable Results
  • The Role of the Life Coach and Understanding Your Call To Coach – Values, Beliefs, Self-Awareness, Goals, Passion, Purpose and Self-Development
  • Results Driven Coaching – Focus on the Now and Project on the Future
  • The Life Coaching Process - Framework and Theories Overview

            Module II. Mastering The Life Coaching Process and Developing                 

            Skills (6 hours)

  • Setting client expectations, a successful professional coaching experience
  • Creating a Positive Mindset
  • Developing professional client/coach relationships
  • Effective Communication Techniques (Necessary Skill Sets and Core Competencies: Active Listening, Coaching Presence, Powerful Questioning, Creating Action and Follow-up)
  • Goal setting – planning for success and Effective Time Management Strategies  
  • Action steps – measuring, assessing,  rewarding results, creating an action or vision plan and establishing a timeline
  • Accountability and Responsibility – for self and clients
  • Establishing Trust and Building Relationships
  • Methods of Coaching Delivery and Design
  • Exercises and Practicums: Assessing Strengths, Weaknesses, Values, Behaviors, Fears, and Tolerations and Recorded 30 Minute Peer Coaching and 45 minute Life Coaching Session

           Module III. Best Practices (2 hours)

  • Record Keeping – Keeping track of clients, inquiries and prospects
  • Confidentiality – Legal Guidelines for Coaches
  • Ethics and Integrity– Personal and Professional Conduct and Responsibilities; Conflicts of Interests and  Boundaries

          Module IV. Building Your Professional Coaching Practice (2 Hours)

  • Marketing strategies for the professional life coach
  • Acquiring your first clients and beyond
  • Setting your professional fees  
  • Including additional services
  • Identifying opportunities in your community  
  • Networking
  • Building a referral-based practice with confidence and results; protecting your practice
  • Creating a powerful web presence and social media uses
  • Advertising, promotions and public relations
  • Open Book - Final Exam 

Schedule Your Personal Training Dates and Times to Fit Your Schedule

(4 – 4 hour in class sessions and 4 hours practicum and research outside class) or     (8 – 2 hour in-class sessions and 4 hour practicum and research outside of class)


Classes may be held in the following formats:

(1) On-line video and audio setting (Zoom)  

(2) On site, In person using an office, conference location or another setting

(3) Zoom or Microsoft Teams

Personal Training Schedule (Date and Time) Available by Request 

(1-2-1 coaching or small group)

Location of training may be negotiated. Travel and or Accommodations cost must be added if not presented through webinar. Call or e-mail for details:                (757-810-5476) or

All sessions offered, presented and certified through a certified professional coach. 


Tuition and Registration

Life Coaching Certification Tuition Schedule (materials supplied):  $1500.00 total cost

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I-GROW Coaching Academy Certification

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