Inevitable Growth (I-GROW) Life Coaching & Consulting, LLC. (757) 810-5476

Target Groups:  Organizations, Businesses, Churches, Universities, Schools, Sororities, Fraternities, Families and Individuals  

Time: Morning or Evening (EST)

Format: Virtual Sessions(Zoom) or Telephone Conference Line (Free Conference-Pro) or Live Events

Duration: Varies starting at 5 weeks to 90 days

Number of Participants:  4 - 10 persons each target group 

Purpose: To provide a comprehensive avenue for committed members who are willing to meet weekly or monthly and employ the principles of Mastermind to share experiences, network, solve problems, collaborate, promote professionalism and ethical business practices, accountability, respect for each other, effective growth strategies and add value to each other.

Create your own group or join one already formed.

Additional Benefits:

* Connecting with a Mastermind Accountability Partner

* Personal call monthly from organizer/host (quasi-mentoring)

* Access to the "Complimentary" I-GROW Monthly Group Coaching Connection Call (4th Thursday Monthly) - Personal development

* Personal and Group Evaluations - To Measure Progress

* Quarterly Virtual Retreats (Thematic)

* Guest Presenters and Related Video/Audio Resources

Variety topics and resouces:

* John Maxwell Core Learning Systems  

* Personal Development, Life Coaching and Mentoring

Leadership (Organizations)

* Youth Leadership 

Christian Leadership

Cost: varies

Starting $150.00 - 45 minute session  X number of sessions (all fees payable in advance) per person.

Ask about guaranteed group rates.

How to Apply: Contact the Facilitator and create your development or training plan. Once selected for group, you also sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Non-Disclosure agreement and payment are completed before group entry.


Telephone: (757) 810-5476