My prospective client began our discussion by asking what could I do for him that other coaches could not do and why should he work with me. I chuckled to myself and realized that my prospective client really was not ready for coaching. It appeared as though he was trying on shoes and suits versus preparing for the possibilities associated with the greatest change of his life. I asked him what was he ready to do to bring about the change that was needed to help him grow his life into areas he has only dreamt about. The issue was not about the coaches’ abilities; the issue was what was he ready to do to change his life. Coaching is a collaborative effort wherein the client and the coach respectively work together to bring about the change the client desires. I was not competing for his business. I wanted him to find success and begin to live intentionally and authentically. What did he want for himself?

As a coach I serve as your accountability partner. This means that you are equally accountable for doing what needs to be done to make your life better in every sense of the word. Both of us become personally accountable to each other in establishing and accepting the choices we make. As a client you also become accountable for the actions you take or do not take to create your best life. This empowers my clients and they own the change and the progress. Together we work the process. Our actions lead to higher levels of empowerment and commitment to each other in making the change occur and making the results “stick.”

My clients learn and commit to their coaching goals and to themselves. I encourage them to see the process all the way through to the end and beyond where they want to go. The emphasis is to set goals that challenge them to reach beyond the ordinary and past the “line in the sand.” We are looking for significant results. Significance is presented in degrees. Clients learn to expect the best from themselves and I guarantee them my best efforts and actions.

This guarantee helps to build a trusting relationship and solidifies our supportive network. Clients then know that that not only are they free to open themselves up to me, we become transparent and realize there are no holds barred in getting to the client’s true purpose and goals. Clients are open to sharing their challenges and what has kept them from moving forward. In this stage of the coaching process, clients realize that instead of stopping or trying to go around their challenge or obstacle, they learn to recognize it for what it is or was, they embrace it, dissect it and often times learn to let it go and move on to achieving the results they have been in search of. They learn how to let go of what is or has been holding them hostage.

The journey of recognizing, embracing, dissecting and letting go is liberating. The client learns new strategies to exercise when new challenges present themselves. They learn how to seize opportunities and take one day at a time. New goals are set and the process of growing stronger and better becomes a welcomed lifestyle desire for them.

As I reflect on their inevitable change, perspectives and accomplishments I see new life springing forth from them every time we meet. Predictably in short order, my clients tell me, “I have what I need to make it now.” When the client is ready the coach will come. When the client is prepared the coach expresses gratitude for the experience and encourages the client soar to new opportunities and even greater possibilities.

Coach Sandra