Here we are just days away from a new year of possibilities. Before moving forward we want to analyze the results of the current year so that we may make the necessary changes to set ourselves up for an even better year of results. Results generally refer to “a consequence, effect, or outcome of something.” We also have to ponder our level of satisfaction with the results we have observed and experienced thus far.  In doing so, we reflect on our own creativity and the power of the human potential – as a result of setting and achieving goals.  How much effort did you consciously put into your own success this year?  As a Christian coach I also reflect on the power of the Holy Spirit within each of us who gives us our inner spiritual strength to overcome obstacles and challenges and realize our successes. How much did you following the leading of the Holy Spirit in setting and reaching your goals?

The unique opportunity we have each day is to begin again and make things better and help others along the way. With each opportunity we increase our awareness in aiding us to achieve new greatness from within. It begins with our thoughts, visions and dreams and ultimately, our actions and follow-up. What are you expecting to happen as result of your efforts to grow your life in every area? Take an account of where you started this year and how you anticipated progressing to the end of the year? Your results should show evidence of your actions being strategic, measurable, attainable, reliable as well as relevant, and time sensitive. Did you meet and embrace your milestones along the way? If your response is affirmative, “Congratulations!” It is time to celebrate and keep making progress. If your response is negative or hesitant  – there is still time to adjust, make and put into place the necessary changes and keep moving forward. An effective coach will certainly guide you in making the best moves to make and ensure the best things happen. Decide today that the results you received from your efforts are aligned with the energy you exerted to get to where you are or desire to be. Be excited about the possibilities and get ready for more opportunities along the way. Isn’t life fantastic? Remember to be grateful and share your blessings with others.  Need help in getting results? Be sure to schedule your coaching session today. 

~Dr. Sandra Sessoms-Penny ~