Here it is August and people are asking, “What happened to the year? Where did my time go?” Time management is something most people would like to harness and better utilize in their lives. Some believe that we just don’t have enough time to do all that we desire to do. We align effective time management with balancing our lives. Most of us are way out of balance for reasons we create or permit to happen in our daily lives. Take back control of your time. Give yourself permission to change!

Everyone is given the same 24 hours in each day. How you optimize those 24 hours impacts how well and to what extent you will capitalize on opportunities. How you determine what you are going to do each hour depends upon you and the priorities you have assigned to your time and the tasks and events before you. You control those hours.  Balance occurs when we realize that we cannot do everything every day that we desire to do; however, we can do what is important for right now, today. We have the ability and privilege to decide what matters most.

When is the last time you evaluated your life in relationship to the time you spend growing your life? Have you set and “written down” realistic goals for every area of your life: life balance, relationships, friendships, finances, career, community engagement, personal development, spiritual development, home environment, health and wellness, business development, educational pursuits and other areas you find to be most important to you?

Here is your challenge. Get a notebook/composition book – write one life area on each page. Then write two to three activities you would like to accomplish in each area. Next to each activity, write a date you want to accomplish the activity – be sure to stagger your dates. Writing everything down actually gives you a concrete plan of action that you should be determined to follow.  You can also share your goals with someone you trust or privately pursue them.  Once you have completed a goal, add another – become an achiever and strengthen your beliefs about yourself. This encourages you to keep dreaming, living and reaching beyond yourself. You should note an increase in your self-esteem and confidence levels. Review your goals often (daily, weekly or monthly) and celebrate your successes. You deserve it!

Acknowledge that there are also time stealers – real and imagined. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. Intentionally begin to limit the time you spend on people, things and activities that do not add value to any area of your life – you know exactly who, what, when, where, why and how these time stealers invade your mind, body, will and emotions. You already know that they wreak havoc in your life balance, throwing you into chaos and disorder.  They put the P in procrastination.  You can change that P to Powerful actions and affirmations.

Additional resources that may help you to find balance and better optimize your 24 hours, but are not necessary, a planner, prioritized to do lists, action plans, and workshops or seminars. You have been presented with the basics on moving forward and eliminating time wasters. The first step begins with an “I can do this!” attitude. Just do it!

If you are curious as to how to carve out more time in your day, consider:  saying “No” to requests that do not serve a purpose in moving you forward; delegate the activities that can be completed by someone else; become a continual learner and reader – educating yourself on new strategies;  get plenty of rest and have a clear head about making the most of each day. Secure an engaging coach if you need an accountability partner. Sometimes the journey is smoother with a partner; however, remember your goals and dreams belong to you.

Coach Sandra