Are you a dreamer? Have you committed to making your dreams come true? Dust off last year’s bucket list and make a solid observation of what you did do and how did it change your life? Did you do more than you thought you would do? Did you add to the list for the New Year? Will your dreams add value to your life or the life of others – individually or collectively? Do your dreams reflect your core values?  

I am a dreamer and I have achieved so much more as result of pursuing my dreams.  One of my favorite quotes is by Harriet Tubman, “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” In the New Year 2012, I encourage you to dream big dreams and then follow your dreams.  Your dreams shape your future. Focus on positive and inspirational dreams that make you set goals you believe you can achieve – even if the entire idea seems impossible by all other standards. Daily think about your life purpose and how your dreams will support your future aspirations. In your journal – dedicate a part of each entry to your dreams – date it and follow-up to note your progress. What have you dreamed of doing?  Commit to fulfilling your dreams through your purposeful and intentional actions.  

Following your dreams means trusting your heart, soul, mind, and intuition. It means trusting yourself and how you are being led by our Creator to fulfill your destiny and purpose. As you commit and endeavor to fulfill your dreams remember there are significant differences between dreaming and wishing. You have to work at making your dreams a reality. Work means setting goals and developing a plan of action. I commit everything to prayer, seek God’s guidance and put my actions where my dreams are. Sometimes you will take small steps and sometimes you will take gigantic leaps. The most important and crucial action is to actually take steps and move your dreams to your reality. Every step increases your capacity for growing in multiple areas of your life. Following your dreams entails taking risks and letting go.

Your walk will be filled with events and people who may attempt to change your mind, block your way, or hold your dreams hostage. In this case you need to seek alternative ways around and as necessary, through your obstacles and challenges. It also means that you have to be open to change and adaptations in order to meet your objectives. Change may be necessary, possibly appreciated and needed along the way. The journey itself may redefine your goals and help to keep the pursuit of your dreams into perspective. Fear is one of the most prevalent road-blocks we allow to keep us from reaching our goals and realizing our dreams. Fear has to be put in its place. Think of the many people throughout history who had to overcome fear in order to reach their goals. Fear provides us some important lessons that test our fortitude, perseverance, integrity and character. It is a great honor to be standing on the shoulders of the giants who have proven this point and demonstrated to us how they unequivocally moved beyond their fears and stepped into the opportunities of a lifetime; into their own greatness.

When my son graduated from high school many years ago, he gave me a statue entitled “A Time to Dream,” depicting a young man envisioning where he would go and what he would do in his life beyond the precious moment we were experiencing.  Who better than he, could imagine the places he would go, the people he would meet and the experiences he would have. He was and still is excited about the possibilities that life offers.  The dreamer teaches others to dream big dreams and how to overcome limiting thoughts, beliefs, circumstances and people. Decide today, if you are a dreamer. I invite you to grow with me as we discover the magnificent life before us in the New Year and beyond. Change is inevitable; therefore, our growth must be intentional. - Mega blessings