Today the rubber meets the road! Growing your life means knowing and acting upon what you are committed to do for yourself every day – for the rest of your life. It requires (CIA) consistency, intentionality and action. No more would haves, could haves and should haves – and certainly no more excuses. What are you actually going to do for yourself – every day – from now on? What is your plan?

You are very familiar with all of the primary life areas: life balance, relationships (intimate, family, social, and professional), career/business, health and wellness, finances, emotional and mental health, spiritual wellness, community engagement, leisure activities and your intellectual growth. You are very familiar with priorities: urgent and important (do it now), urgent but not important (can wait – do it soon), not urgent but important (can wait), not urgent and not important (don’t waste your time). You are very familiar with your personal challenges and obstacles.  By now you should have identified your dreams, your goals and your expectations – no more going around in circles and guessing who you are, your purpose and your passion. Hopefully you are learning or have learned how to identify your opportunities, options and obstacles.  Consider all that you know. Everything is now focused on putting what you know into your action plan - taking action and consistently making greater and better things happen in your own life.  It is a matter of choice. May I encourage you to live, love, laugh, learn and leap forward.

It’s time to be held accountable for your own success. Decide in your mind today – You want to succeed in whatever you do and GROW your life. So starting right now –you have some destiny decisions to make every day. Here are 12 Daily Freedom Steps to start and sustain for the rest of your life  and You will appreciate your future self because of what you do NOW!

1. Stop making excuses and face your fears, worries and challenges  - Every day!

2. Do something that you are truly passionate about - Every day!

3.  Read something that will enrich your mind, spirit and soul- Every day!

4. Do any form of exercise that you can stick with –start small and work your way up – look and feel your absolute best - Every day!

5.  Be grateful for something or many things - Every day!

6. Take at least one action step towards reaching your goals – plan it, then do it- make your goals become a habit - Every day!

7. Be honest with yourself about everything – it’s about time- Every day!

8. Create your own happiness – intentionally smile, at yourself - Every day!

9. Forgive yourself and embrace the new you – your new thoughts and ambitions – Every day!

10. Focus on the things you can control – through your actions, thoughts and deeds - Every day!

11. Live in the present – you can only grow and go from where you currently are - Every day!

12. Breathe, pray, meditate, have a healthy self-image, manage your time and journal your story and successes - Every day!

~ Dr. Sandra Sessoms-Penny ~