The month of July is filled with reflective events to help you capitalize on your freedom to be the person you were created to be or growing the business you desire to grow. It is an honor and privilege to live the American dream. While attending to my goals list, I thought about how relevant my personal freedoms are to develop a life filled with excitement and to be able to continue to help people grow their lives and business through my coaching practice and business endeavors. Sometimes we are one dimensional and in being so, we never fully recognize how exciting our life could be if we stepped out the box and allowed ourselves to dream big. Becoming a year older added value to the opportunities that I know that are before me during the seasons of my life – the celebration lasts for a lifetime. Nothing should hold you back from exploring the life opportunities you encounter. Challenge your oppositions! The summer heat should remind you to intentionally turn up the intensity of creating and implementing solid strategies for living with passion.

We allow the fear of change, a poverty mentality and other people’s approval to slow us down and sometimes stop us in our tracks.  We consciously need to learn how to step over those types of hurdles and take hold to the power within each of us to accomplish what we want to do. Doing equates to action. Consider the practice and preparation of the Olympic athletes. They prepare and expect victory. Take a look at where you are today. Is this where you desire to be? Are you doing what you expected to be doing? If it is and you are, celebrate and live fruitfully and bless others. If it isn’t, determine now to improve it or change it – one day, one page, one giant leap - now.

When you have made that determination – put in place the steps to make the change happen. It all begins in your mind and spirit. As a coach with versatility and creativity, I love helping others to design opportunities to propel themselves to the next level. The next level could be helping someone else every day, writing two pages of your own life story every day, calling and positively responding to someone every day, acknowledging that you were created to do something great every day, affirming your beliefs with powerful life statements every day, challenging the status quo every day, eliminating roadblocks every day, creating new highways and bridges every day, and the scenarios are endless… especially, when you realize you are free to be and free to do something for yourself and someone else– and it matters, it makes a difference and is appreciated every day. Set your expectations to win and be victorious – every day.

During the month of June I experienced the relief and joy of letting something go that was no longer an opportunity or beneficial to me in my life journey – life happens. I also connected with something and someone who bring me renewed hope and incredible opportunities to keep moving forward – definitely a part of my life plan. Some things and some people come into your life or happen only to make you stronger and prepare you for what comes next. Some things and people were never meant to be held on to forever. In learning to let go, you learn to live. I can hardly wait to awaken each day to develop and work my plan to grow my life and my future. Each day is embraced with confidence, hope, appreciation, gratitude, power, prayer and love. That is freedom!

Are you ready to live life on terms that create a positive flow, belief in yourself and your creator’s design for your life, renewed relationships, inspiring opportunities, needed change and powerful expectations? Consider coaching opportunities that help you to develop the total person – personally, professionally, economically, socially, spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally and comprehensively. Coaching affords you the accountability needed to help you reach your goals and to make the total person your greatest reality. Additionally, coaching helps you to design a roadmap and the right strategies to get you to your destination. You are free to empower your life beyond your greatest expectations! GROW!