We have the opportunity to transform and celebrate our life every day. The change takes place in a variety of ways. It could easily begin with our attitude when we wake up in the morning, how we respond to those who are in our space, what we present to the world at-large, how much of ourselves we give away throughout the day, our actions and reactions to challenges as well as mountain-top experiences, and any number of possibilities.  The point is – we have a choice in the matter. Perhaps not what happens to us in each case, but certainly – how we deal with what happens. Choose to live an inspiring and rewarding life.

     To stimulate better outcomes throughout your life, try speaking to your inner voice, letting it know that you want the “best of the best” each day. Take time to pray for, meditate on or affirm your intentions and request an abundant life. Abundance may realized through great health (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual), relationships (personal and professional), financial means, and whatever you may be seeking for your life. It bears repeating that we are multi-dimensional beings and each part of us needs nurturing and directing.  Question what does not fit well with your intentions and intuitions. You can either allow your choices to define you, destroy you or strengthen you. Make the best choice!

     I have discovered over the years my choices are inherently tied to my attitude and peace of mind. I choose to begin each day on a strong note of happiness, uplifted and purposeful. That means filtering out the noise and focusing on positive. Expressing gratitude is at the top of my list – before my feet hit the floor. Reading something inspirational and giving myself permission to be inspired throughout the day is also crucial. In all likelihood, I will share that message with people I meet throughout the day.

     You can find great sources of wisdom and inspiration from a lot of resources. Today is the opportune time to renew your entire life and commit to living with joy and purpose and strive daily to overcome obstacles that are sure to come along and try to distract you. Here are some inspiring books to read during this spring that will certainly impact your life and remind you of our Creator and Why you were Created. They help you to grow. May I suggest that you read this short list in this order. There is something here that will help you to find your purpose and move the mountains. After all, life is all about making choices. Our assignment is to make the best choices.

#1 - The Energy Bus - Jon Gordon

#2 - Training Camp - Jon Gordon

#3 - If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get Out of the Boat - John Ortberg

#4 - Points of Power - Yolanda Adams

#5 - Oh, the Places You'll Go - Dr. Seuss

#6 - The Noticer – Andy Andrews

#7 – The Book of Psalms (The Bible)


Choose to live a great life and enjoy creating your best life. ~ Dr. Sandra Sessoms-Penny ~