Today is an incredible day.

The joys and blessings of the Christmas season have infiltrated our homes and workplaces. For this we are very greatful. We call these "new mercies" back home. When I think of the great benefits of being a coach, I realize I am living the dream in helping my clients to discover and manifest new possibilities. The coaching profession has been one of the most rewarding careers of my life. The majority of potential clients and the curious still ask what can a coach do for them or someone they know. I enjoy focusing on the benefits of coaching and remind my clients that I am here to help them grow from where they are in their lives (personally and professionally) to where they would like to be. As shared by so many coaches, the benefits are incredible. Everyone needs a coach for a variety of reasons and through each stage of his or her life, whether an adolescent in elementary school or senior living in their desired golden years. The long lasting benefits of coaching far outweigh the cost of the coaching services. Group coaching has made these services even more affordable.

The benefits from effective coaching includes but is not limited to the following:

◄ My Gift - Free 20 minute consultation

◄ The Wheel of Life/Business – a discovery tool providing immediate feedback

◄ Ability to set, pursue and achieve goals–with your coach as your accountability partner

◄ Clarity of vision and your personal Vision Statement – make better decisions

◄ Plan of Action – Life-Long lessons – daily applications and action steps

◄ Renewed purpose, core values, hope and possibilities – Realize your best dreams now!

◄ Professional and personal success and empowerment

◄ Eliminate limiting beliefs and obstacles – get unstuck!

My coaching colleagues have included even more benefits clients receive and this is just a sampling of how coaches can help clients get to where they would like to be (formerly Coachville, CoachU, International Association of Coaches, the International Coaching Federation and other coaches echo the same comments):

Where Some Potential Clients Are:
Successful in many ways, but not happy                                 
Stuck, unsure of what to do                                                     
Ready for major change                                                            
Frustrated and worried                                                                                  
Afraid of taking action                                                              
Unprofitable business, not enjoying your business                
Feeling disconnected from purpose and lacking passion                                        
Fearful and Unsure of your future                                                               
Living life the hard way                                                             
Indecisive and afraid to take risks                                                                                  
Limited Communicator                                                             
Limited by barriers and obstacles                                            
Unsatisfying relationships - family, friends, co-workers  

Where Thriving Clients are or are on their way:


Excelling because your environment serves you

Sure of what to do and taking action

Experiencing major change

Amazed at the things happening in your life

Taking bold, creative, effective action

Earning a great income and enjoying your fruit

Living with purpose

Excited about your future

Living life with passion, fulfillment and success

Successful *and* happy!                             

Better time management and organizational skills

Learn how to take your dreams off the shelf

Live your best life now anticipate what you could become

Overcome self-defeating habits and insecurities

Create and manage relationships

Develop new competencies

Develop effective ways to keep on improving

Rediscover your true passions

Prioritize your life based on your goals and dreams

Discover what you really want from life

Decide what's most important to you

Set priorities and keep your focus on what matters most

Make better, more informed decisions

Explore and evaluate all the possibilities to ensure the path you choose is the best one for you.

Attain greater job/career satisfaction

And more...
The benefits of coaching are numerous and the above list is just a sampling of what to expect from effective coaching. It is time to make the best things happen in your life by intentionally creating and living it now! Consider the 2010 I-GROW Monthly Group Coaching Call or Compass Coaching Call as a great introduction to growing from where you are to where you would like to be. Register today for either group - It will be one of the best decisions of your life (

Great Tidings for the New Year 2012. I am grate that my experiences and abilities allow me to work with a variety of coaching needs and clients and together, we are able to pursue and overtake greater victories in life. Be sure express gratitude to our creator for all things. Know that change is inevitable and your professional and personal growth must be intentional in order to go and grow to where you would like to be. May grace and mercy chase you and overcome you to help you create and live your best life everyday!

Coach Sandra