The ABC’s Of Adding Value To Your Life - You Deserve To Live Your Best Life Now!

A - "Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it." Lou Holtz

B - "Becoming is a process of living. Live with intention.”  Sandra Sessoms-Penny

C - "Change is inevitable; your growth or stagnation is optional. Once you learn how to do better – make it happen with consistency.” Sandra Sessoms-Penny

D - "Dare to dream and live out your dreams. Put action behind every scene and make it a reality.” Sandra Sessoms-Penny

E - "Enthusiasm  and Energy are allies. One promotes the other to go farther and do more.” Sandra Sessoms-Penny

F - "Forgiveness Works. It frees the mind and the heart to keep responding to life’s challenges.”  Sandra Sessoms-Penny

G - "Giving, getting and growing are interrelated actions. All of us will experience each throughout our lives. Consider which of the three do you exercise the most.  In doing so, you will discover your purpose and your passion.”  Sandra Sessoms-Penny

H - "Happiness grows from the desire to be happy.” Sandra Sessoms-Penny

I - "Imagine a life where you have everything you could ever want! Does this make you happy? Is it realistic? Is this really what you want? What would it take to get it? Are you will to pay the cost to get it?” Sandra Sessoms-Penny

J - "Jubilation starts on the inside, from the heart – mind- and soul. It can’t help but to spill outside and change your world.” Sandra Sessoms-Penny

K - "Knowledge is powerful based on conditions. It must be learn and applied judiciously.” Sandra Sessoms-Penny

L - "Leap tall building when you dream big dreams.” Sandra Sessoms-Penny

M - "Miracles still happen. When you look into the mirror, you are looking at one designed especially to lift you up and inspire you to make a difference.”  Sandra Sessoms-Penny

N - "No one knows everything;  everyone knows something; capitalized on what you do know.”  Sandra Sessoms-Penny

O - "Opportunities and possibilities have a way of stirring up monumental change.” Sandra Sessoms-Penny

P - "Patience and perseverance must run its course in order for you to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.” Sandra Sessoms-Penny

Q - "Question everything that does not make sense.  If it impacts your life – find a better solution. Sandra Sessoms-Penny

R - "Remember what matters most when challenges and chaos ring your bell.” Sandra Sessoms-Penny

S - "Success and Satisfaction have a tendency to improve the seasons of your life with full blown flavor.” Sandra Sessoms-Penny

T - "Time is truly a treasure. Use it wisely.” Sandra Sessoms-Penny

U - "Understanding your  who, what, when, where, why and how’s will help you to establish a solid foundation of promising possibilities. Connect the dots and allow the pieces to come together.” Sandra Sessoms-Penny

V - "Values are important when determining how you want to live your life and how you want others to respond to you. Sandra Sessoms-Penny

W - "Wisdom is what you get when you learn from your failures and successes. Sandra Sessoms-Penny

X - " Xerox had the right idea to duplicate what works well. Consider what works best for you and duplicate it to build upon your successes.” Sandra Sessoms-Penny

Y - "You never know whose life will be influenced by your actions. Think  before you respond and consider your outcome. Think the best thoughts and encourage others to do the same.”  Sandra Sessoms-Penny

Z - "Zero-in on what matters most in your life and energetically create opportunities to make great things happen every day." Sandra Sessoms-Penny