February is the Month to Passionately Pursue Possibilities for Sustainable Personal and Professional Growth. How many times have your tried something new to help you enrich your life and it worked for a while? However, as time progressed you lost interest and the impact of the “new methods” you originally experienced, began to diminish and eventually, you lost touch with that experience. You really did not nourish it and establish the foundation for continued growth. Did you then blame someone or something else for not doing their part in making whatever you experienced last?

 In order to continue to grow and move to higher areas and levels of abundance in your life, you have to continue to nourish your heart, mind, soul and body. You are totally responsible for setting the tone for your life, building mental strength and creating the atmosphere for your growth – physically, emotionally, intellectually, financially, economically, socially, relationally and spiritually? You have that kind of power over your life.

Make it last through your personal “buy-in” with appreciation, passion, and commitment. By intentionally sustaining your personal and professional growth, you will again experience the newness of manifesting and sustaining personal empowerment and growth throughout your life on a daily basis. Persistently and passionately pursue possibilities to increase your personal power for long term success.

Four Steps that Lead to Sustainable Success include:

1.  Decide a definite purpose that is backed by an insatiable desire for its fulfillment. Know what you are in search of. Identify it. Be keenly aware of the positive influences in your life. Measure how the new methods and actions will impact your life – now and in the future. Make time for your life. Dream Big Dreams and be willing and ready to make your dreams and visions a reality.

2. Develop a plan of action and do it consistently. If you fail to plan you plan to fail. Be intentional about your growth. Write it down- make it plain – make it yours! This one is for you. You may be the trendsetter in your own world and in the lives of others. Be sure to prioritize what is important to you and set expectations for yourself. How do you value your actions? What will your actions mean to you? What are the benefits to making your actions real and making them last?

3.  Close your mind tightly against all negative and discouraging influences. You know already that there will be people and circumstances that will challenge your actions and attitude for growth. Sometimes they are totally disguised with a variety of motives. Be prepared and remember why you are persistent and passionate about your pursuits.  If you don’t see your growth – find out the reason why – the evidence will always be there. Know in advance how you will overcome these challenges and obstacles.

4. Create a friendly alliance with one or more people who will encourage you to follow through with both the plan and the purpose.  It is important to remember that if your plan does not work, change it; but continue to persist towards achieving your goal. Monitor your plan and celebrate each victory. Whoever you have chosen to share your dreams with (be it coach, family member, friend, co-worker, etc.)  be sure that they have your best interest in mind. You can be sure by having authentic conversations. They are dreaming, planning and creating their lives as well. They should share your dreams and celebrate with you, cause you to think and create your best self and your best life in addition to each of you sharing in your accomplishments. Note the changes in your life – you are an achiever, believer and determined to grow your life exponentially.  Journal your success. Napoleon Hill stated, “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.” Be the hero of your own life and make it last forever.

Coach Sandra