The best relationship you can ever have is to love yourself intentionally and completely. You must learn to appreciate who you were created to be and learn to define yourself with positive expressions. No one can treat you better than you treat yourself – if you know how to do this well.  What you do not know, learn how.  Capitalize on daily wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Start by examining your strengths, challenges, dreams and possibilities. Get a firm grip on what inspires you and stirs up your passion to become your “Greatest Self!” as well as live your “Best Life!”  Smile at the reflection you see staring back at you in the mirror. Say out loud how proud you are to be you and strive daily to do all those things necessary to be true to yourself and your visions of your future self. Keep it real and keep it moving!

Little did I know, many years ago, I would be where I am and I excitedly look forward to the rest of this incredible life journey and exploration. How I see myself significantly impacts how others may see me. Maintaining a healthy self-image takes practice. I am grateful for the opportunity to live and share my existence with others. My choices and expectations matter to me. Each day is a miracle waiting to unfold – with many opportunities within it.  It is imperative to seize every moment and make something wonderful happen for me and for others. Taking action on my own behalf and being amazingly creative is my right and personal responsibility. Sometimes you just have to make it plain and make it personal. Self – I really appreciate you for accentuating the best side of me, molding my character, and allowing me to reach my greatest potential. I see the winner in you and this makes me very happy! – Dr. Sandra Sessoms-Penny