True Greatness: From Mr. Zig Ziglar  (11-6-1926 to 11-28-2012)
“You were born with unlimited potential and endowed with the seeds of greatness. You have inside of you what it takes to achieve any goal or dream you desire. Most everyone uses less than 5% of their potential. You must decide what it is you really want. Focus on it so clearly and make it your purpose. Then work on it hard enough and long enough. It will happen. You also have to work on things that are goal achieving instead of stress relieving. Feed your mind with good stuff every day. Become an expert in your field. Stretch yourself and takes the average person over 10 years of working hard on their Dream to become an Instant Overnight Success.  Hope this helps. Look back in forgiveness, forward in hope, down in compassion and up in gratitude.” ~Zig Ziglar ~ We will see you at the top!

Signs of Living a Great Life:
  You live such a great life that the entire world knows you have moved on to glory within minutes of hearing of your departure from this side of heaven – and they celebrate your life. People miss you; however, they so appreciate what you left behind for them to grow on for the rest of their natural lives. People duplicate your efforts – because everything you did brought greatness to a new level. You begrudge no one, no matter how challenging they were or remain to be. You realize there is but one judge – and you are not the one, nor is that your assignment. You appreciate all of the challenges, the opportunities, throwbacks and struggles. You can finally acknowledge and appreciate all of the lessons learned with each. With humility you leave this planet knowing fully well that did your absolute best and lived an incredible life. Life, learning, laughter and love were all great!

Coach Sandra