“My Name is Possible” is the topic of a recent sermon shared by my pastor to the congregation to begin the New Year. I have had plenty of time to think about the implications and expectations of some of the possibilities I have experienced throughout my life and totally agree with this affirmation. Possibilities are what we feed our mind, body and soul for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to help us to survive as well as thrive. The only limitations to our growth are the ones we impose upon ourselves. We choose to learn how to navigate the challenges and make the best of the short span of our existence called life. In the meantime, we open up the gate to the unlimited possibilities we are afforded and confidently walk through – head up and filled with purpose.  
January has been a sensational month of new beginnings.
I hope this is an indication of the year to come. I expect the best – speaking it into existence. It is great to spend time with people who want to be seen; reading something enriching for the mind, body and soul; reconnecting; catching up; reminiscing; serving; praising; enjoying a fabulous meal with family, friends, and co-laborers; worshipping; celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and inaugurations; and planning for one of the best years of my life – because I believe the best is yet to come. We’ve only just begun to live. Make every day count for something worthwhile. Be the light that you would like to see in other people. Help others find their light.  
    This is already a year of magnificent growth and opportunities. I don’t know about you, but I can feel it deep down inside of me and I am excited to know that and I can hardly wait to turn a new page each day. I have already heard the words harvest time, repositioning yourself, bodacious living, authenticity, abundant living and other inspiring words from people who appear to be true change agents. I’m stepping in the ring too – making changes for the good and the great. That would be us! Join me in living well and celebrating each day and each breath given to us – as a gift from our Creator. Mega Blessings in the New Year 2013!

~ Coach Sandra Sessoms-Penny ~