Make Life Work for All of Us

Dr. Sandra Sessoms-Penny ©2015

In recent days we have been forced to try and make sense out of another mysterious death of a young man who died under the “watch” of the law and several others who were either accidentally or intentionally shot to death by those who were hired to protect us – in the United States of America. In India, we cried and grieved when we saw that thousands died as a result of an incredible earthquake and avalanche. A new leader was selected to become the Attorney General of the United States, claiming a new first, after months of senate hearings to determine her qualifications to hold the position. Nearly 300 girls abducted from their school a year ago in Africa, still remain missing – hidden – guarded, and no one has been able to get them back to their homes with their families. With a threat of more civil uprisings in America, a major league baseball game was played with no one in the stadium to watch the magic take place – out of fear. In Indonesia, eight people from different countries were killed by a firing squad for drug offenses – no one could save them from their fate. The stories do not begin or end here – there is much more taking place under the cover of greed, poverty, politics, the law, ratings, religion, fear, frustration and anger. We are on a ticking timer, one of which is not sweet or savory.

In a little community church during Intercessory prayer in the middle of the day, a tiny group prayed for our world and everyone in it. A short time later a special bible study took place on who will do something, what will be done and how each of us can make life work for all of us. Hope lives and thrives in our faith and beliefs.

Each day presents new opportunities for us to grow, plant better seed, expand our sphere of influence, be a blessing, bring a miracle and change our world. What will you do? When will you do it? How will it happen? What resources do we need? Who will listen? Who will respond? How much innocent blood has to flow before we actually do something? The pot has been stirred!  This is our life, our community, our family, our nation and our world. Please help to make life work for each of us. No one should be hungry or homeless. No one should be deprived of an opportunity to taste success. No one should be made to live in fear of their lives from the time they become aware of being somebody who is alive. We need more schools and universities than we prisons and jails. We need each other. We cannot afford to continue to lock away generations of scientists, doctors, teachers, missionaries, web designers, athletes, role models, patriots, thinkers, doers, nurses, technology gurus, gardeners, zoo keepers, astronauts, linguists and specialists in and from every walk of life. There is work to do! Education, inspiration, motivation, agitation, integration, and collaboration are needed – throughout and within every SYSTEM we have.

Let’s make life work for all of us. Build relationships. Speak the truth. Do the right thing. Turn from our very wicked ways. Make good dreams big, bold, beautiful and our reality. Today, the sun was shining and the breeze was perfect.