An incredible speaker described how love should be the foundation of our very existence. Everything that we do should be done in love and based on love. Somehow, along the way of our life’s journey, we have gotten this twisted and many of us have stopped loving the process of living.  The totality of what happens in our lives each day does not support the original statement; however, we know that in order to change our circumstance we need to change our mindset and learn to make the best of every situation through our body, mind and spirit. Life is worth living –  See this; Hear this; Feel this; Touch this; Smell this; Believe this, and most importantly, Love this.

Sometimes that means stirring up the pot and taking a few things out and letting them go. Sometimes that means adding some more or different ingredients to make the content of the pot much more palatable. What does this have to do with love?  We control the pot and the ingredients.  We decide on the type of pot, the size of the pot, what to put into the pot and how to mix the ingredients in the pot. Love is a choice – just like the pot and the ingredients. Therefore, we must understand and decide why love is essential to growing our lives – and choose to allow love to be our motivator.

I am love and I am loveable. Supernaturally, my hope, faith, beliefs, determinations, intentional actions and applications are aligned with my knowledge and understanding of living an abundant life and in the overflow of loving others as much as I love myself. Someone also shared the following quote: 

God made life possible. Faith makes life workable. Hope makes life beautiful. Love makes life complete.” To understand this in light of what we see each day, takes a great deal of perseverance, patience, passion and redesigning our perspectives.  There is a higher purpose for everything that we encounter throughout our lives. Learn to forgive yourself as well as forgive others – Life is too short to dwell on “nots” versus the “gots.”  We just began the fall season – filled with celebrations and the time of harvesting. We are at the right time in our lives to pursue our dreams – every day. We are creative and resourceful; therefore, we can master the ways to allow love to be the foundation for a life worth living.  ~ Dr. Sandra Sessoms-Penny ~