Thank goodness we can see more clearly. It is as though an incredibly thick fog has been lifted during the first 7 months of the New Year 2021. There were multiple lessons learned about self care and caring for each during the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, the attack on the nation's capital, and the continued unveiling of the social injustice and systematic racism that plagues America. I personally am starting to breathe better. I understand my worth and my values - they matter and I matter. We are travelling, going to work, going to church, and going back into the stores with a measure of confidence again. It has been rough! Life Coaching has risen to the top for services needed by individuals, groups, schools, churches, businesses and other organizations. Learn to encourage yourself will the abundance resources we have surrounding us. A new mindset is emerging that promotes kindness, tolerance, growth and success from a holistic perspective. Change is inevitable and our growth must be intentional.