It is February already and time marches on. Have you checked to see if you have changed any of your behaviors and attitudes in the New Year and begun to make intentional changes in your life? Do you know what works for you, what motivates you, what hinders you from accomplishing the goals that have been on your “to do list” for years or perhaps months? I challenge you to grab that list. Decide right now what can be accomplished within twenty-four hours and start doing it. Tell yourself you are going to make a difference in your own life – today! If that doesn’t work, at the end of the 24 hour period, you should invest in a quality coach to help you realistically set your goals, to partner with you and help to hold you accountable to achieving your goals. Know that you can do this – you must do this!                                      

Your goals are rich with possibilities and ultimately accomplishing them will help to give you a sense of empowerment and a winning attitude.  Do you know specifically what is limiting your ability to move up and on? Find out what it is. Through assessments and inquiry your coach can help you to identify those limiting issues and bring resolution to their existence. An effective coach helps you to bring your best foot forward, even if you want to drag it behind a “just a little.”      

The “I-Grow 2011 Personal Planner” is an incredible tool to get you moving forward. It helps you to recognize strategies to help you conquer your modest goals up to and through the more challenging goals. It helps to propel you into higher level thinking and action. It’s all about engaging your brain and your body to make your goals and dreams a reality. I challenge you to dream big and claim your best life now. This takes you full circle to intentionally growing in every dimension of your life – personally and professionally. If you really want to grow exponentially, change your attitude and focus your thoughts and actions into “doing and becoming.”       

Doing and becoming are both progressive actions that require your deepest personal commitment. Again, you have some the best resources in the world to help you on your journey. If you are still hanging on to last year’s dreams – ask yourself why. What can you effectively accomplish within twenty-four hours to bring your dreams to life? How important are your goals to you? Stop for a moment and imagine yourself living the dream and exceptionally accomplishing your goals! Ponder these thoughts with intensity. I’m sure that put a smile on your face. If on the other hand you are not able to even think about what you need to do and you recognize that you need help, I challenge you to do the next most positive and affirming step in your growth and attitude change. Secure a powerful coach at the end of that 24 hour period and get ready to move throughout the rest of the year positioning yourself and making the best things happen. You deserve to live a life of joyful abundance and peace. If you have not requested your “I-Grow 2011 Personal Planner” e-mail me today with your request. Looking forward to hearing about your incredible accomplishments.        

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