Developing healthy relationships with others who are within our sphere of influence helps us to grow. You are responsible for bringing your best self to the relationship arena every time if you desire to effect changes within yourself and create an atmosphere of living and thriving as well as truly enjoying life with other people. This does not mean you need to fake how you feel; however, you should be honest about how you feel and know yourself well enough to keep it real. You need to keep your expectations real. This includes expectations about yourself and about the people you connect with. In order to explore your expectations, there must be open communications – with yourself and with others. The majority of us are not mind readers. Learning to ask the right questions to encourage the people you are in relationship with or desire to be in relationship with will help them to respond accordingly. Ask yourself questions and answer them.

Our physical, mental and emotional health are dependent on healthy relationships. We were created to be in healthy relationship with others. You know intuitively when something just isn’t right between you and those you care about. We spend a lot of time trying to figure out other people. This can be a challenging opportunity. Sometimes we miss out on getting this right and other times, we are right on target and make the best things happen to grow those relationships. Consider taking time today to coach yourself into having positive and nurturing relationships. You may do this by responding with compassion to others. Expect the best from yourself and from others.  Take responsibility for your own happiness. Intentionally connect with others to bridge gaps and build relationships. ~ Dr. Sandra Sessoms-Penny