Congratulations on our 3rd Anniversary – Inevitable Growth (I-GROW) Life Coaching and Consulting, LLC.

For the past three years, I have watched an incredible plan unfold to live my best life as an entrepreneur and coach. Having transitioned from very a diverse background my goal was to totally reinvent my career and my life. Becoming a coach was a sobering calling for me to venture into. The drivers for me included my passion and purpose for helping and serving others; using my gifts, talents and abilities to add value to the lives of others; stepping out on faith to make the best things happen for myself and those I serve; and the excitement of learning something new – thereby, manifesting exponential growth throughout my life. Setting goals has also been a driving force as well as capitalizing on opportunities.

I-GROW has expanded its coaching opportunities to include providing services within several coaching specialties; creating and launching two MasterMind Groups; Group Coaching; Laser Coaching; Motivational Presentations; Leading workshops and seminars; Creating “Your Best Life Now” Events; providing a Free Monthly Group Coaching Connection Call; Networking and vendor events; creating inspirational products, books, videos and published articles; participating in extended professional development training, seminars; supporting guest blogs; mentoring opportunities galore; and as of this month during our anniversary – launching The I-GROW Coaching Academy to train and certify coaches.

We have partnered with SendOutCards which has added a whole new dimension to our growth and appreciation for living our best life and showing others how to do the same through individual and business opportunities. The first three years reinforces the idea of “whatever you do, intentionally do to the best of your ability and enjoy the journey.” This is also the perfect time to express my gratitude to all of my clients (individuals, groups and businesses). Thank you for your business and your incredible referrals. Looking forward to the next anniversary of Inevitable Growth.

Dr. Sandra Sessoms-Penny