New Year 2021 Sparks and Spikes: The Power of Right Now! New President "Joe Biden" and Vice President "Kamala Harris." There are new leaders throughout the country - a lot of firsts are taking place and it is time for a change in the way we respond to life and each other. I remain ready and supportive of our unity movement to strengthen the country. Ask yourself some reflective questions: Are you doing what you set out to do? Are you doing your part? How are you encouraging yourself and others? Are your expectations aligned with what you are accomplishing? Life doesn’t always afford us the opportunity to have a “do-over.” Is there something you want to re-accomplish right now? Pay attention – Seize your dreams and goals by the collar! Don’t let 2021 run without you having had your say. Today is the perfect opportunity to exercise the power of right now. Make each moment and encounter count in a big way via The Inauguration of New National Leadership and New Beginnings and Revelations of what is really going on around us. Many people throughout the nation are taking their COVID- 19 vaccinations, wearing their mask, washing their hands frequently and staying socially distant - to save lives and change the outcome of the pandemic. I love that many of us are trying to help ourselves and others live. Daily Grace and Mercy, Empathy, Unity, Compassion and Love are now the new normal! Let your light shine. God is doing a new thing! Each month will bring new awareness and opportunities. Let us intentionally unite and make our world, country and city a better place.