Ecclesiastes 3:1, “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.” (NKJV) 

Our life contains infinite potential. Each day we can express and develop the blessings of the great light inside of us.  Through harnessing and harvesting the good within us, we demonstrate as well as illuminate inner power which contributes to our life experiences and our life stories. These experiences and stories aid us in learning how to become enthusiastic about the process of becoming, doing, creating and acting with passion every day. When your enthusiasm is high your productivity will be high.  You can get more done, because you really want to do more. Cultivate your enthusiasm as you think on the things that increase your sphere of influence and seizing your day and the precious moments you have been given. Feed your brain with powerful energy through these resources – every day take time to grow your life.

We want to leave this planet knowing that we did something significant and that our lives had real value to someone and to something. This requires us to find people who will accept us for who we are – to create good relationships and opportunities. All things considered, everyone wants to harvest from the life they have dreamed. This is a reminder to build your own dreams instead of borrowing the dreams of others. Your dreams are inside of you – seek them, understand them, embrace them, challenge them and own them. You are solely responsible for the initial planting of your seeds and cultivating your growth.  Your life is the harvest of your thoughts and dreams put into action of being fulfilled.  You reap what you sow.

Your thoughts help you to manifest your stories. You know your own stories better than anyone else when you focus on what is true about ourselves - our strengths and weaknesses and a vast combination of things and events that inspire and motivate us to want more out of life.  You become the hero of your own life story when you not only show-up for life, but you also use all of the gifts, talents and abilities you were given, even when you were just a thought or a twinkle in someone’s eyes. Once you are aware of what you can do, then you must do something extraordinary to become the hero of your own life story. You persevere until when and then…  It takes a life time of rediscovering ourselves to knit the stories together into a major scene. Be encourage to keep moving forward and make it happen.

You create opportunities through your dreams, actions, desires, wishes, goals, values, life purpose, vision, beliefs and expectations. That may be a lot for many of us to consider. We are all of that – fearfully and wonderfully designed and made. Know that you become a gift to our world and will be held responsible for planting greater seeds of enthusiasm and possibility throughout the world while living a great life on purpose. Our memories will outlive our dreams; therefore, it is imperative that we do something powerful with what we have. We learn to accept full responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, actions, and decisions throughout our lives. In doing so, we master living with intentionality and greater joy. It requires discipline and strategic planning. See yourself reaping a great harvest in each life area. It’s yours to have and grow. This creates an overflow of blessings each day that we breathe, walk, think and have our being.  Need help in discovering your harvest? It would be my honor to help coach you in your growth. This is your season! ~ Dr. Sandra Sessoms-Penny