Establishing Your Priorities to Make the Best Things Happen – Part 2

In addition to gaining clarity on your goals and determining their urgency, consider connecting with a trustworthy accountability partner or coach to help you stay focused, overcome challenges and make you aware of additional options to help you make the best things happen. These individuals also provide additional motivation and encouragement for your journey and for you to succeed.

A quick exercise and daily guideline for you would be to use Stephen Covey’s Time Management Matrix by drawing a box and divide it into four sections: Quadrant 1 – Urgent and Important; Quadrant 2 – Not Urgent, Important; Quadrant 3 – Urgent but not Important; and Quadrant 4- Not Urgent and Not Important. Place your goals or expectations into the appropriate box. Sometimes just seeing the prioritize goals opens your mind to things, events and people who enable or hinder your growth.

Learn to value your time and energy as you decide what is most important and most urgent in your life. What type of value have you placed on each goal or expectation? What may happen when you accomplish what you set out to do? What may happen if you did not accomplish what you set out to do? Whatever the outcome, you have the ability to empower yourself by establishing your priorities and making the best things happen.

When all is said and done, have you accomplished what you wanted to accomplish? Did you complete the most important tasks first? Which tasks gave you the greatest sense of accomplishment in terms that you identified. Were you able to measure the best things and repeat them to make them happen as a matter of routine or exceptionality? Take time now to make your life your priority as you live and help others enjoy their life. Yes, give yourself permission to do this!