This is a great season for engaging and reviving our spirit. Everyone has a spirit. For many of us, our spirit prompts us to do great things for ourselves, for others and our universe and allows us to intentionally move our lives forward. We realize that we are in this time and space temporarily and while we are here, it is within our reality and ability to live our best life now and to do our utmost to help and love others. We were designed to be in relationship with each other and with our Creator. In understanding our purpose we are able transform and grow our relationships as well as nurture the possibilities we have been blessed with.  Ultimately, we also purposefully allow a closer relationship with our Creator to manifest itself. This is challenging to say the least in light of all of the distractions and deceptions we encounter daily. How you perceive and overcome your challenge is unique to you and your spiritual DNA. Our spiritual DNA consists of our mind, heart, soul, will, emotions and the Holy Spirit’s connection – living inside each of us, if we have accepted this gift.

The first component of engaging our spirit is to love our Creator who loves us unconditionally. We strive daily to love as our Creator has taught us to love one another. One of the greatest challenges in loving is learning to love ourselves – without reservation and continuously. Often we interact with people who are sad, depressed and truly unhappy with themselves.  Some people feel that life has cheated them of their joy and robbed them of opportunities in every area of their life. Whatever they do in their earthly journey appears to result in more displeasure. That is basically how they feel and respond to life.

On the other hand, we also interact with people who are so excited to be alive and they look for opportunities to doing something creative and fun every day of their life. The simplest things give them the greatest joy. They expect joy and they have become creators of their joy. The differences between the two groups of people are evidenced their attitudes and beliefs. One group believes in the best about themselves and their circumstances and will not take “No” for an answer to any challenge.  They believe that surrounding each challenge is a smile and an imaginary pot of gold – a better life, a reason for existing.  This group realizes that challenges are inevitable; however, how they move forward as a result of the challenges – makes all of the difference in seizing the day! The other group, requires no additional explanation, as they become consumed with life’s struggles versus life’s victories.

Naturally, my focus resonates with life’s victories and opportunities. The key to loving yourself is to be positive and reassured about who you are, know your purpose in life, and walk in your purpose daily. Getting to know yourself is one of life’s greatest pleasures. This requires spending some time engaging your spirit and spending time with your Creator, who is also the source of your joy and strength. From this position you learn how to study, meditate, communicate, and stir up the unlimited gifts and blessings that are within each of us. There are many exciting resources to help you grow into the person you want to be. It will always be worth your time and energy to know yourself and engage your spirit so that you will soar as you become the amazing person you were born to be.

~Coach Sandra~