Our words speak power into our lives and the lives of others. Words can and have changed us and the world around us. Consider the events of this year! Learn to speak and respond to empowering words as they feed the soul and change the atmosphere. Let these words inspire you to capture the essence of the moment, your attitude, the day, the year, the opportunities, the circumstances, and the people you encounter and experience. Create a master frame of reference and enlarge your sphere of influence – with the power of words that will add spark and spikes to your life. December reminds us – we are to savor the flavor of greatness – a gift. See what you can do with what you have been given each day – to make your best life overwhelmingly spectacular. New words every day this month. See, feel, hear, taste, speak, discern and live the difference. Decide what will work for you. It is on! Don’t just keep this to yourself – change the world.


Today (12-12-12), a handsome little boy was born to loving parents and siblings. While we waited excitedly to hear the great news, the expectant mother texted – “It’s time to push” after over 24 hours of labor at various intensities. He left all of comforts of a warm, soft, nutrient rich and loving environment – to join us on this side. I gladly took the opportunity to welcome him into this bright and beautiful world and watched his siblings fuss over their new little brother. The miracle of life is so powerful – and I believe that everyone is a living miracle. Today, consider the significance of your life to you and those who love you. Why do you believe? How Powerful is your Push? What do you believe? Believing in yourself and the art of possibilities should excite even the very air you breathe and the ground that you stand upon. Do not take this precious gift of life for granted. Your 26 igniter words are life changing in the eyes of the dreamer. Use them creatively to speak powerful words into your own life everyday by ending and beginning strong:  Accomplishments, Believe, Compassion, Determination, Encouragement,  Faith, Gratitude, Honor, Illuminate, Jubilant, Knowledge, Love, Magnificent, Noteworthy, Opportunity, Possibility, Quiet, Reflection Success, Tolerant,  Understanding, Victorious,  Visionary, Wisdom, Youthful and Zesty.