Be Decisive and Honor your choices. As we mature we should pursue our passions fueled by skillfully determined choices.
 Daily we face many options, pending decisions, and countless unknowns – welcome to life!  Our lives are shaped by the decisions we make in every moment – whether we are in the moment or not. Clarity has power – live in the moment as a participant and not a spectator. 
    Making strong decision gives you energy to overcome and go over challenges and distractions. This absolute energy will attract the resources and support you need to carry out that decision. In other words, life happens when you actually engage in the process of living it with purpose.
Don’t agonize over a point or decision – get the facts, trust your intuition, and make it happen. 
    Being decisive is a definite
mindset; a mental attitude that comes with practice and persistence. Decisive individuals convey confidence because it shows they know what they want! I am determined to live my best life every day! Specifically, things to do to make confident decisions:

a. Identify the decisions to be made - understand their purpose and objective.
b.  Do your research and consider the facts and opinions.
c. Consider your options and alternatives - your due diligence.
d. Consider or weight the possible outcomes of your decision based upon the pros and cons.
e. If needed, consider the opinions of others. Most of the time, it will fall back on you.
f.  Trust your intuition and make your decision.
g. Once made and executed - be confident that the best will happen and be appreciative of the opportunity and the learning experience.