Much may be said about appreciating the journey in life that we are on. There are many memorable and life changing moments we savor which ultimately help us to define ourselves as individuals. We learn so much along the way – how to live, love, walk, talk, dance and debate. We also learn by discernment and action that it is easy to get sidetracked by the “what ifs” and the inevitable drama that comes looking for us. More importantly and above all else, we should endeavor to focus on living in the moment with insight as preparing for what is coming or for what we would like to come. Every day is a new adventure and waking up to those possibilities is truly a blessing. We get to look at life with a different set of lenses every day – because it is something new and uncharted. Life happens and we are a part of it. We add our own shades and hues of delight and determination.  It is so powerful to be amazed by a sunrise or a sunset or a double or triple rainbow in the sky. How humbling it is to know that all of this was created for us to enjoy the greatest in us and surrounding us.

We learn from our challenges and growing experiences from the day before or even years before.  We learn from each other. Our heart, mind, body, and soul registers the really good days and the days that gave us more than what we expected – a true run for our lives. This helps us to realize we are fearfully and wonderfully made to experience excellence, live in abundance, and achieve magnificent outcomes throughout our life journey. Learn to find your own voice as you travel through the stages of your life and use it to help others find theirs. This becomes your legacy. We are not here by chance or circumstance. We are here on purpose and filled with more power than we know what to do with. With that power, continue to explore new paths and approaches to living a great and meaningful life. Give praise and appreciation for your journey – the opportunities increase as the lessons continue.  Contact me should you need help learning to recognize or appreciate your journey. ~ Dr. Sandra Sessoms-Penny