Life gives us so much to live for - each new day and all of the changes and opportunities that it brings with it. Some changes we have been waiting for, while others take us completely by surprise. My only request is to accept the changes, learn from them, and keep moving forward. There is so much more in store for us if we could just hold on and not rush the moments where we can savor all that we have experienced. I am amazed about each sunrise and sunset - with or without the sun, moon and the stars. I know that it is all gift and I am forever grateful for each moment where I can acknowledge my life is a gift and I must live with great expectations. My goal is to push others forward so that they may experience greater abundance, laughter, healing, and always new mercies. What power words have you chosen to guide your life. Select them with caution and embrace your time to grow. ~ Dr. Sanddra Sessoms-Penny ~