Imagine if you will your favorite type of pie – with the choicest of ingredients and flavored to perfection. Just as you anticipate biting into your special pie, the benefits of coaching can also be realized through an effective coach who intentionally stirs in the following ingredients during your coaching sessions to help you achieve your greatest goals and taste the possibilities. Mixed in with your personal desires, your coach will create the opportunity for positive growth, a victorious mindset, increased self-esteem, continuous and intentional improvement, increased communications, increased self-direction, increased self-confidence, self-discovery, plans of action, elimination of limiting beliefs, anticipation of future successes, better quality of life, personal fulfillment and better opportunities. The pie is truly delicious and filled with more than one serving. As you have already discovered, your coach can almost be compared to your favorite pastry chef in preparing you the pie of a life time. No matter how you slice it, your pie contains many natural benefits manifested through your coaching relationship with many future servings to enrich and grow your life.

Your coaching resources are virtually unlimited and each taste maximizes your potential to becoming the person you desire to be and do the things you want to do with and in your life. Your coach also includes in your coaching experience increased support, better relationships, identification of strengths and weaknesses, maximizing your potential, new expectations and experiences, better responsibility, improved accountability, financial success,  increased awareness, improved personal and professional balance, improved problem solving techniques, improved time management, empowered living, a positive return on your investments, improved beliefs about your abilities, talents and gifts and achievement of dreams and goals. What more could you ask for in one incredilicious pie!

See your coach as the expert to help you take advantage of the opportunities life has to offer and embrace the change needed to grow your life. You determine how much of the pie you would like to have and what you would like to share with others. The coaching experience, along with your life’s journey is unwaveringly incredilicious. 
~ Dr. Sandra Sessoms-Penny~